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Self-Storage Moving Supplies in Pocatello, Idaho

Everything you need to make moving easier

At Big John's Mini-Storage, we provide everything you need to make moving easier for you. We offer you moving supplies that will help you pack and unload your items safely. Be sure to protect your items during your move. To avoid any damage, it is very important that you pack your items securely. We have provided you with many helpful tips when packing.

Moving Supplies Include:

Hand Truck Rental

Helpful Tips

Protect Your Items during your move. Let us provide you with some quick tips on how to keep you items safe during your move:
  • Use quality tape to seal your boxes.
  • Folded clothes can be packed in boxes or suitcases.
  • Remove furniture legs if possible, and wrap in bubble wrap.
  • Remember to mark all boxes containing delicate items as fragile.
  • Use quality boxes that are strong enough to hold the items stored.
  • When packing hanging clothes, use a wardrobe box with a hanging bar.
  • Never overfill a box, bulging boxes may not sit flat and will be difficult to store.
  • If you are planning on storing appliances, make sure that they are clean and dry.
  • Framed pictures and mirrors can be stored in specially made cardboard containers.
  • Label all of your boxes well when packing to make it easier to find things when you need them.
  • Use small boxes for heavier items such as books. Larger boxes for lighter items such as blankets and pillows.
  • All fragile or delicate items should be wrapped individually in paper, bubble wrap or foam wrap for added protection.
  • Wrap small appliances when packing them and position them securely in a box to keep them from shifting during your move.
  • Purchase specially made electronics and television boxes. Use bubble wrap or other padding to wrap the components before boxing.
  • If you disassemble any furniture, place the nuts, bolts and screws in a small zip lock bag and tape the bag somewhere on the furniture.
  • Dishware and glassware should be wrapped in paper, bubble or foam wrap before being packed in sturdy boxes for added protection.